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Innovative Fitness Products Designed for Dancers

Superior Stretch Products helps dancers stay fit and properly conditioned for every rehearsal, performance, or training session. Our wide range of high-quality products focuses on three fundamental aspects to help you achieve your most optimal form.

Superior Stretch Products
Superior Stretch Products

Stretch & Strength Conditioning

Proper stretching and strength conditioning are the keys to improving your dance technique, flexibility, range of motion, endurance, and injury resistance. Our excellent bands and straps can help train your body to do even the most complicated moves.

Superior Stretch Products


Great dancers have great balance. This fitness component is essential when they do rapid, complex, and precise full-body motions while always maintaining proper technique, line, and fluidity. Our Balance Board and SpinBoard® can develop your core strength as well as ensure proper arm and leg positioning.

Superior Stretch Products


Research has shown dance is the most physically demanding job in America. Allow your body time to relax and heal properly with our unique and effective products like our BalleTape™ and Spiky Massage Balls.

Superior Stretch Products

Exercise Safely at Home

At Superior Stretch Products, we take pride in responding to your changing needs and habits. We understand that people adapted to the pandemic by doing their activities at home. Stores also maximized their profitable products for them to thrive. With our help, you can still maintain your fitness and conditioning while having peace of mind.

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